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Physical-chemical processing


The technology of FOLIPOR track membrane production consist of irradiation of polymer films by accelerated heavy ions forming latent tracks followed by a physical-chemical processing which consist of the stages listed below:

  • Processing of polymer films with latent tracks by ultraviolet radiation;
  • Chemical etching of polymer films in an alkaline solution by way of formation of reach-through graduated pores with the right form and diameter.

Fig. 1.


Ultraviolet radiation arrangement.

Фото установки

Fig. 2.


Spooling of FOLIPOR track membrane and visual quality inspection.

Фото установки

Analytical quality inspection of FOLIPOR track membranes 

Diagnostic control of FOLIPOR membranes through the measurement of its main functional parameters:

  • pore diameter (method of "bulb");
  • efficiency for gas;
  • mechanical stability;
  • pore diameter distribution (mercury porometric method).

Selection checks are carried out for every batch of FOLIPOR membranes in accordance with the request of the customer.

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